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ZK-MD6000 Series

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• Deteksi yang ditingkatkan: 33 zona deteksi dan 500 tingkat sensitivitas.

• Pencitraan termal: menyaring orang dengan suhu tubuh abnormal dengan cepat dan menandakan peringatan.

• Monitor 29 inci : tampilan waktu nyata dan perekaman video.

• Desain terintegrasi: termasuk pintu putar yang membatasi akses pejalan kaki.

• Verifikasi wajah dan RFID: verifikasi informasi identifikasi pejalan kaki.

• Deteksi gas: pemantauan gas sekitar secara real-time.


Parameters :

Model ZK-MD6000
Operating System Android (RAM:2GB ROM:2TB)
Monitor 29 inches
Operating Temperature 10℃-35℃
Operating Environment Indoor
Input Voltage 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
WTMD Zones 33 Zones
WTMD Working Frequency 5.7kHz to 9.6kHz
WTMD Sensitivity 500 levels
Temperature Detection Accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.54°F)
Temperature Detection Alarm Temperature 37.3°C (99.14°F)
Temperature Measurement Distance 1000mm ~ 2000mm
Entrance Control Motor ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : DC Brushless Motor
Entrance Control MCBF ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : 2 Millions
Certifications ISO9001; ISO 14001;CE;FCC
Arm Type ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : One Drop Arm
Arm Length ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : 620mm
Transparent Acrylic Board (L*W*H) ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000 S: 620mm*10mm*1098mm(2 PCS)
Detectable Gas ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : CO , CH2O , H2 , NH3 , etc
Capacity ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : 30,000 Faces/30,000 Cards (ID & IC card)
Facial Recognition Speed ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : ≤ 0.5s
Algorithms ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : ZKFace 5.6
Metal Detection YES
Thermal Imaging YES
Video Surveillance YES
Entrance Control ZK-MD6000 : NO
ZK-MD6000S : YES
Facial Recognition and RFID ZK-MD6000 : NO
ZK-MD6000S : YES
Gas Detection ZK-MD6000 : NO
ZK-MD6000S : YES
Supported Software ZKBio SIS V2.0
Dimension(L*W*H) ZK-MD6000 : 620mm*1046mm*2460mm
ZK-MD6000S : 1730mm*1046mm*2460mm
Entrance Control Dimension(L*W*H) ZK-MD6000 : /
ZK-MD6000S : 1730mm*1046mm*1350mm
Dimensions with Packing(L*W*H) ZK-MD6000 :
Package1 : 2550*720*458mm(Door Panel)
Package 2 :860*580*486mm(Control Unit)ZK-MD6000S :
Package1 : 2550*720*458mm(Door Panel)
Package 2: 2100*530*1603mm(Control Unit and Turnstile)
Weight with Packing ZK-MD6000 :
Package 1: 140KG (Door Panel)
Package 2: 31KG (Control Unit)ZK-MD6000S :
Package 1: 140KG (Door Panel)
Package 2: 180KG (Control Unit and Turnstile)


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